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What Made You Happy today?


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New fire pit obtained from Aldi. https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-28-april/saturday-detail-wk17/ps/p/outdoor-firepit-3/

I don't expect the screws to last for years, but no too bad a build quality. The size is outstanding. And next weekend is a long weekend so a fire out the back with some great music is on the cards. Can't wait!

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Not having to drive 2+ hours after the Greta Van Fleet show in NJ back to CT. 

It would have been after 2 am if I did that.  Just so tired as well.  A normal drive of two hours to the show at the Starland Ballroom in NJ wound up being 3 hours 45 minutes with such horrific traffic.  Yet, there wasn't a single accident involved.  Just insane and I left about 3:15 from CT and arrived around 7 pm or so.  I wouldn't have done this for a normal band on a Friday but wanted to see this band so much and the end result was worth it.  Plus, I got to meet up with a forum member!  So, all good!  Still, a lot of aggravation with the ordeal!

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New computer knowledge, enabling me further empowerment over my computer and the data I record with it.

My goal is to become the absolute dictator of my computer and to become completely impervious to hackers. 

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4 day weekend has just begun. In front of fire as I type. Weeknights with Alice playing, and its another good playlist. Missus preparing a late dinner, vape on the charge, going to see JBLZE on Monday night.


Life is GOOD.

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6 hours ago, chillumpuffer said:

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Even though there is a long weekend, I am just not excited at all. 

Liverpool vs. Real Madrid!!! Come on, mate...it won't kill ya'! Hahaha.

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Fire pit started.
Beer on ice.
Vape charging.
Missus baking.
Lamb Chops almost under the grill.
Weeknights with Alice Cooper about to commence.
Mild night with no rain or wind.
Week DONE.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Happiness.....

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Took an amazing boat tour around NY harbor with Mrs W and junior. Met some cool peeps from the city and other areas, gonna have them over to the rooftop bar later tonight. Here’s a photo of Lady Liberty taken today from the boat...






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