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What Made You Happy today?

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22 minutes ago, redrum said:

Finally found a brake booster for my 1966 Mercedes diesel 'Fintail.' Found it in Lithuania and at a decent price.

Loving our current sunny weather.

Nice!  Is it a 110, 200 or 230?  An old friend had a 200D "Universal" (Station wagon).  That thing just kept going!

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Enjoying our Christmas lights and lighted tree tonight after an amazing weekend in Atlanta meeting John Butler and seeing the Trio at the Tabernacle Sunday night. Awesome show and very memorable trip. 

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11 hours ago, chef free said:

Nice!  Is it a 110, 200 or 230?  An old friend had a 200D "Universal" (Station wagon).  That thing just kept going!

It's a W110. I've driven it even with the bad brakes. Had to use the gears to slow down. Amazing how good it runs. It'll be a head turner when I take it into town and they are just about to open a classic car museum here called 'Thunder Dome.' It's an amazing looking building.


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20 people showed up at our weekly bluegrass/old time jam session this week.  A great mix of regulars and new folks.  People are introducing more and more new tunes.  We had kind of a train wreck on one I introduced but we are getting there on that one.  It is always a good time.  The group has been jamming every week for 15 years and I have been going for 11 years.  

Here is the tune I introduced recently, done by the incomparable Byron Berline and Dan Crary.  I play a simplified version of what Crary is playing here on guitar.  He is so amazing.


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Receiving a birthday phone call from a special friend. Totally made my day! 

Edited to add: I am introverted in 'real life'. I like quiet and low-key birthdays and I usually disconnect from the world for most of the day and well, I don't talk much to people on the phone but this was different! I would much rather receive this one call from this one friend rather than 100's of 'acquaintances'. 

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On 12/17/2018 at 12:57 AM, Kiwi_Zep_Fan87 said:

Attended a Christmas Carols Church Service last night. It was wonderfully fun and peaceful. An escape from the mundanity of life. 

The holidays are upon us! Here's for a wonderful Christmas and a more Peaceful and Stable 2019! 




53 minutes ago, slave to zep said:

An awesome gift from a forum member!

Love it, fellow Peaky 😉


Beautiful news, folks.

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3 hours ago, paul carruthers said:

Just enjoying the cool, morning air (some people call it exercise)...



Yeah today’s beautiful Paul! Tomorrow and Monday are gonna be a different story... :freezing:

Happy cause the ‘cuse are kickin Pitt’s asses today and looking forward to a fun night in the neighborhood tonight! 

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