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What Made You Happy today?

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5 hours ago, paul carruthers said:

The Mets soon to be 7-game winning streak....  :thumbsup:

See?  Told you you didn't have anything to worry about...  

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Just got back from Iceland.  I had signed up for their 5 day "Game of Thrones" tour, but alas due to that "unspecified virus of unknown origin", no one else signed up for it and they put put me a generic tour that "visits those areas".  None of my tour guides had even seen the show, so every time our van stopped and the tour guide lead everyone over to a sight, I veered away and searched for the Game of Thrones sights on my own.  Mission accomplished: The Bloody Gate of the Eyrie, Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, and The Fist of the First Men ....... 




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8 hours ago, sam_webmaster said:

Screenshot 2021-06-02 131632.png

Kudos to you, Sam!
If you own/sold the stock, I imagine it's a night of celebration.
If you had a handful of out of the money call options, I imagine you might be looking to buy an island.

Way to go!

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