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What Made You Happy today?

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It's Friday. Thank god. :collapses:

I am going to par-tay tomorrow night, yay! I could use a drink or three. I've never read so much boring, droning, tedious crap in my entire life, and it's all been stuffed into one week. Enough complaining, though.

Cheers :beer:!

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It was an amazingly beautiful day here today; sunny, blue sky and 70s. We went to a country street fair this morning (my daughters danced); then dashed by my son's soccer game; then went to another country festival in another county.

We saw livestock, daughter got to ride a pony and got loaded up with balloons, coloring books, candy and more, rest of family took a hay ride, we had cotton candy, corn dogs, barbecue (w/slaw) and apple slices with caramel and peanuts (super YUM!!).

Now I'm going to go walk off all that food! B)

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It's half past eleven pm and I'm just coming from a Musical Box (genesis Tribute) concert!

And it was just amazing: supercool laser show and dias, great music and awesome musicians. Plus the drummer looks just like Bonzo!!!

After that me and my dads traditional (after-show) burger king meal.

And Lez Zeppelin (gimme a d for the z, please) are coming this autumn, and there is a tribute to ELP's Brain Salad Surgery, and next week I've got tickets for Robben Ford and for Deep Purple and Whitesnake in November...lots of concerts, I love it!

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Watch Ken Burns' The Civil War. I hadn't watched it in about 6 years, so I thought I'd crack open the DVDs and give them a spin. Glad I did.

I love that series. I spent $119.00 for the set and it was missing the entire Chapter 5, the story of Gettysburg, my favorite part.

I was and still am pist! :angry:

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