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Led Zep Mystery Blues Album


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Hi All,

Im a 34 year old Aussie who has been searching for an old Underground Blues Album Led Zep released a long, long time ago. I first found it in a second hand shop when i was 13 years old and sadly lost it by the time i was 17.

This album is not one of there norms, it holds a real raw undergound blues tune and those who would have heard would understand what i am dribbling on about.

I was hoping if any one can tell me the name of the Album so i can have a better luck tracking it down,

Cheers to all, and long live the Zep


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I have a CD called 'Whole Lotta Zep', made in 1992, which has 8 songs from Vancouver 70, + a final song listed as 'Stormy Blues' - which is actually 'Operator', feat. Plant & Alexis Korner. That's a pretty rootsy, 'underground' blues thing. Could it be this?

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