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KROQ Poll: Vote For The Greatest Rock Drummer Of All Time

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http://kroq.cbslocal...me-kingofbeats/ <------ link to vote

They’re literally the heartbeat of their bands, providing the rhythm that powers the music of bands from all genres. From the legendary stomp of late Led Zeppelin bash-master John Bonham to the intricate complexities displayed by Rush’s Neil Peart to the hip-hop-influenced punk beats of Travis Barker, the list of legendarily talented rock drummers is as varied as it is vast.

In a musical world where DJs, drum machines and computer-generated beats continue to encroach on the realm of actual drummers, these trap-masters and their bands keep it real with flesh and blood rhythms.

Narrowing the field down to 40 (or so) of the best beat-keepers to ever rock a kit, it’s your votes that will determines who reigns supreme as the single greatest rock drummer of all-time.

Support your favorite drummer in the poll linked above!

Go VOTE!!! Bonzo deserves top spot without a doubt!

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Since KROQ is the co-sponsor of this poll, it might help you to know that KROQ's playlist runs along the lines of Arctic Monkeys, Weezer, Green Day, Queens of the Stone Age, Arcade Fire, Sublime, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Killers...and yes, Blink-182.

Led Zeppelin, Rush, Cream, and other so-called 'classic rock' bands are not on their playlist.

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