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The Phil Hendrie Show


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The Phil Hendrie Show is is the single best radio show I have ever heard. I've been listening for about a year, but I've been going through a lot of archives..I don't really know what to say so..here is more info:

A fan site, probably the most informative of the three below, in the forums is a thread with an accurate list of affiliates.


The show's official site:


The show's Wikipedia page.


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I've listened to this show before and I thought it was both informative and entertaining. It stinks that the station that I listened to it on quit carrying it a while back. :( I haven't listened to it in over a year.

Sweet! (That you've heard it, not that you can't hear it anymore)

Anyway, there is a hilarious bit from a few months ago (maybe 7), where guest Jeff Dowder, drummer of band Dark House talks about how he is a MUCH better drummer than John Bonham. I remember thinking it was brilliant

One can record the show nightly..from here: http://dar.fm/

Or...I think the official site has a link where you can listen to the first hour of the previous night's show..or something to that affect.

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