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An interesting article..


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While digging around on the internet, I came across this interesting article..

Reading the comments, I began to see that the article is actually a very good "conversation sparker", but sadly, the website is an article-based, hit-and-comment area, so discussing this with any of the people who commented would be near impossible (the fact that the article is months old, and that there are most likely no notifications when someone replies to your comment also hinders your discussion).

So..I thought I'd see this forums's opinion on this.

As for me, I'm getting frightened..mainstream music nowadays seems to be returning to the old late-50s, early-60s style of, "Singles only" and/or "Single-driven cash-in albums - the only good songs being the singles, and the rest filler"..and with Indie music, it's just as bad with: "One release every few years", "A few releases then dropping out of sight/breaking up" or, even worse "Selling out (e.g., fun.)."

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The era of digital music sales reduced the need for coherent albums in the eyes of the public. You don't need to listen to the whole album through, you can just get the one or two "good songs" that you heard on the radio and be on your way. It's a shame because so many classic albums are just that...albums. I don't think this can be placed squarely on "mainstream pop" though. Many rock albums I've bought over the last few years have this problem as well. "Music from Another Dimension" by Aerosmith is about 30% too long and has maybe four good songs, the rest being filler. Ditto for pretty much every AC/DC album released since 1990. The era of album-oriented rock is over.

I have noticed that bands such as the Black Keys, however, are releasing albums on a consistent basis with few "filler" tracks. Their two most recent albums, in my opinion, have zero filler.

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