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Jimmy Page Current Guitar Sound


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Hi Guys,

First off, sorry if this has been said before. I did search, but couldn't find anything. Also, sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm new and this section seemed the best.

Basically, I'm not fond of the sound of Jimmy's Guitar in recent years. It sounds like he's putting a load of distortion on it, and it just sounds wrong to me?

Examples would be the couple of songs he did with the Foo Fighters a few years back, and there are points in It Might Get Loud where it's evident too - in the deleted scenes is a bit on Kashmir, and it's here particularly that it shows on the film. Other times, he's fine and sounds like he normally does (to me).


p.s. I should note, I haven't seen Celebration Day - missed it in cinemas and getting it for Xmas. Have seen some stuff from the O2 on youtube, but the stuff i've seen has been low quality recording, so I couldn't really tell what his guitar sounded lol.

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Page does have a new sound so to speak as we most likely

won't be hearing much from him anymore. As for his amps

and so on he's still using the Marshall stacks and Orange's

but the sound is much more raw than normal. I do agree

its a Page trademark however you can hear a difference

from his previous live shows per Zeppelin.

The Firm years were extremely loud and crunchy but still

the Zeppelin years Page was at the nobs much more as you

got many varied tones/sounds from him from show to show but I agree

the O2 sounded the same throughout no question.

Listen to the Shep Studio Rehersals in terms of listening to the guitar

alone and not considering the quality of the recordings its all the same

sounding. Its exact in its playing time and close to the running order

of the show to come at the time, they were being sure no mistakes

were to be made, but again that the reason for rehearsals

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differentiate between harmonics and disortion- almost zero distortion.

The best example is the boots of STH at the O2 were laden and sopping wet with harmonics. Yet on the CD/Blu-Ray.... WTH? No wth, he ran two lines out, one direct to the recording deck and the second to his cab array- the Orange head brought the fuzz pre-gain before his Plexi and cabs which the second line (mic) ran to the recording deck.

On the official release its perfect. On the boots and live it was dripping and sassy which I didn't mind one bit.

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