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Rival Sons , Toy great new bands ?


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Absolutely agree on Astra... They're the best new band in the ganre of Space Rock, Progressive Art Rock, Eloy\Yes\King Crimson style!

As for the hard rock Zeppie style... After much reconsideration, I'd have to say that the best band in here is RIVAL SONS.

Now I've been checking out on a lot of new bands, some of them I really got to like, some of them were ok, but in my opinion the SOUND and Groove of Rival Sons just stands out above the rest. Unlike bands like say... The Answere, Electric Mary, Airbourne, Tracer, etc (which are all good bands actually), Rival Sons for some reason are able to sound interesting and NOT boring...I'd give some special extra credit to the frontman-vocalist who has a very refreshing voice! It kinda resembles a mixture of Paul Rodgers with Joe Bonamassa with little bits of Robert Plant and a pinch of Dio tones here and there...The other musicians are really good too, they tend to play on vintage analog equipment and they sound absolutely GREAT!

I'd especially recommend their latest album which I think is their best effort yet! The epic Manifest Destiny Pt. 1 is Kashmir meeting up with Alice in Chains at Soundgarden's house! :P Really guys, just check that one song and I promise your brains will be blown out for good!

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