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The day i met Robert Plant


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I met Robert Plant during the Now & Zen tour in 1988 outside Bradford St George's Hall , a group of about 15 people were asking him how to get tickets for the Atlantic Records gig , He looked possitively fed up with this, so i said the guitarist played well tonight, he turned and said he did didn't he, I mumbled something back and the next he's some womans photograph andthen he's got his tongue down her throat, i went and talked to the band in the minibus,He rolled up 110 mins later signed my programme and said we after be off ,they were parked another 10 mins .so i went and tried to cool and chat up a cute chinese looking girl at the traffic lights ,who turned out to be on the game (a prostitute)so she told me to clear off.

Funny enough i can remember all this but not how i got home to my house 15 miles away

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