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Spartans Lyrics/Poetry


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Glass (Just started, still heavy WIP)

Broken pieces around me

Laid on the floor

We are all fragile as glass

Both the rich and the poor

Loved Once

Looking out my window

The field was once green

The sky once blue

And my sorrow, still remains too

You were once the star

In my night sky

But now you've gone

Flown way, and said goodbye

I've got to get it go

I once had you in my heart

But I let it slip away somehow

Someway, but I still think about you,


Oceans Away

Hold on to me

A raft in the sea

Just for you

As well as me

But you didn't want to stay

Now you're oceans away

Seperated and lost

In this empty sea

I await the times ahead

Whatever lies for me

Don't take life for granted

Just hold on to me

Sitting in this empty sea

That used to belong to you and me

What we had is now gone

And we are oceans away

The Sun Set

Sitting in my garden

Waiting for the sun to rise

But it set long ago

And it ain't ever coming back

Music fills the room

And color in the sound

Love was in the air

But my air, it has run out

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