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Greatest rock and roll band of the 20 th centuary

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I have to agree that Led Zeppelin is the greatest classic hard rock band ever... this century or last.

This concert event is hard for me to describe. We had seats way up, stage right, but the sound was wonderful and the big screen behind the stage gave us a clear view of what was happening on stage. The music, the fans, the light/video show... outstanding, incredible, wonderful, amazing, etc. etc. etc.

I'm so looking forward to the DVD of this show. The pics and vid clips I have and those posted online are very nice and help me relieve and reinforce my memories of that night, but I'm sure the DVD will be a killer... HD with Dolby Digital... it will be awsome to view at home and keep the neighbors entertained.

Thank you Led Zeppelin, Jimmy, John Paul, Jason and Robert. Thank you Atlantic Records. Thank You London for being a wonderful host to so many of us from all points of the globe.

I've been a die hard Led Zeppelin fan for over 30 years. To be in the company of so many fans like myself and together, experience the best rock concert of all time... words simply can not fully describe the emotions I feel.

Led Zeppelin... THE GREATEST... EVER!!!!


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They were the best band of any genre and have to say after Monday they still are, not even the Stones,Who,Beatles or Pink Floyd could have followed them!! and some of those bands are quite good !!

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everyone around here shares this opinion. maybe more like 90%.

to make things worse, this forum is for O2 discussions!

I think I jumped aboard with the first "best band ever" thread I saw, so maybe everyone just has to post at least once or something before they wise up.

I think I'll make a poll about "best band ever", if it's not already made. at least then, we'll be able to see a number.

and WTF is a centuary?

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Well if there is a Poll for the Greatest Band, The Main forum on the Led Zeppelin Page is not a worthy polling site. Still, what makes you the greatest band of all time, is it songwriting or talent. Now i think songwriting depends on youre taste, but in terms of talent, they are the best. You have to say Page is atleast in the top 5 of alltime (no.1 for me) and bonzo has to be at least no.2(no.1 for me) Plant has to be the best singer in hard rock if you include his lyrics. and Jonesy there is not much said about where he ranks in his bass playing or his keyboards. but his overall talent will improve anyband. Zeppelin was not a bass first band and alot of his playing gets lost. But i think thats the best part about him you dont notice his lines because he plays with the band and lets the talent of Pagey and Bonzo come forth. He was the rock

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