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Who remembers when they first got into Zep?

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First post in this forum, hello everyone and glad to be here!

Before I share my story I have to say what is it with the negativity. The fact that some posters are aiming hate at others really bothers me a lot...! :dont: And its totally against the spirit of being a LZ fan IMO. To me this forum should be about a mutual love and sharing that mutual love, not ragging on others for having different opinions. If someone doesn't agree with what another says, then fair enough, don't agree. But don't spew venom and negativity. It's really not needed and it just makes the perpetrator seem like a bad person.

Anyway...for me, as with so many here, it was pure magic. It came to me silent, unexpected, not with the clamour of trumpets, but sneaking up on me and just suddenly expanding my mind.

I was 18, just finished high school, and was waiting around during the summer (Australia) waiting for my first uni semester to commence. In the vacuum created by the holidays, I discovered music, learning guitar, and re-discovering my first love, singing. Then a friend, who was right into the primitive Delta blues, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf and then onto the Stones, etc, lent me a cassette copy of Led Zeppelin (all four of their first albums if I recall).

Well at first, my young ears just thought fuck what is this noise. I gave it several tries but it just wasn't making sense. But then, one night, with headphones (see! I should have done this to start with) I put on LZ 1. You Shook Me thundered to a close, then Dazed starts up. Somewhere in the course of those songs, it just suddenly all made sense. Plant's shrieking of my name - Anthony. Page's unearthly and gut-wrenchingly emotional guitar tone and phrases. Jones' sinister, fluid basslines. Bonham's relentless attack. I just GOT IT.

I've never looked back since. Because of LZ I joined bands in my local area, and for 5 years had the best time of my life to that point, singing and gigging and fucking up.

The music, the power, the subtlety, the genius, the variety, the BRILLIANCE still inspires me to this day. THANK YOU Messers Page, Plant, Jones, Bonham, and the worthy successor to the drum chair, Mr Jason Bonham.

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I was probably 8 and I found the one single Zeppelin CD my dad had, which was Led Zeppelin 3 (still on of my favorite records) and listened to the Immigrant Song over and over. I remember knowing the song Black Dog at that time as well, and looked for it on that album... I think I put on Tangerine thinking that was the songs name!

Now the Immigrant Song is the only one I will not listen to on that album. Kind of irronic.

I really started getting into Zep quite suddenly. All of a sudden I had all the CD's, posters, shirts, everything.

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