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Alternative Thanksgiving/Christmas Dinners


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Mrs CP & I have tried all the alternatives we can think of over the years we have been together ( 27 years and still blissfully happy) for Christmas dinner. We have always had it together with no family or friends around. It's our choice as we see family and friends over the holidays. Now apparently 85% of Americans have the traditional Turkey for dinner and as you will all agree, the feathered friend is not a small bird.

From memory here is a few of the tasties we have tried on the big day:

Turkey of course. We've had a crown, cooked it upside down,with stuffing and without, and it's always lasted until spring in the freezer

Goose - Much mirth at the Butchers as the gasps of wonder from fellow shoppers as we proudly announced there was only 2 of us!

Lobster with chips

Guinea Fowl - eeemmmmm

Sea Food Platter, salad and chips



Monk Fish

Beef Wellington

Thai buffet ( OK we were in Thailand for 3 Christmases)


Nut Roast. I was a veggie when I met Mrs CP

A 3 in a chicken (i think) stuffed concoction. A Chicken, stuffed with a duck,stuffed with another bird. It weighed about 10 lbs and it took a dogs age to cook.

This year we have plumped for a Capon. Or a castrated Cock chicken. Still on the large size it has a more tender and tasty meat than a traditional chook.

What are your alternatives for Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner and if you go traditional how do you do it?

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I have Thanksgiving with family, traditional American fare. Always the receiver, with the exception of contributing an occasional appetizer or dessert.

I am a seafood lover, some of those dishes you mention are making my mouth water.

Congratulations on the 27 years together! You don't hear that much, especially the "still blissfully happy" part.

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I wanted to do a nice roast for Christmas for a change but the hubby wouldn't have it.

So now we go to the brother in laws for an American/Chinese celebration. Honeybaked Ham and Chinese noodles and veggies. My brother in laws wife and in laws are Chinese.

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i already said in the other thread but we had fried chicken mash potatos with gravy mac and cheess and spicy fied peppers. turkey is really very boring and dry. i think thanksgiving is a scam for turkey farmers because most people dont eat turkey all year except at thankgiving.

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