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Larry Hagman Dead At 81

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Seems the Texas papers have it.

Really sad...

Sad yes. But strange not one national report an hour later!! I cant find it anywhere


Not even dead people server which is a fabulous site for the dead and alive and their entire database of their careers.

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That is sad and unexpected news.

"Dallas" was huge. Even though I didn't watch it, I knew all about the "Who shot J.R?" story line!


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I loved watching 'Jeannie' as a youngin, and my step mom loved JR.

That's 2 generations who enjoyed watching him act.

Rest in Peace.

Same here. My wife was also a Dallas junkie. But I did not watch it. I saw it here and there because I happened to have no choice, but he will always be remembered by me as Barbara Eden's astronaut hero in I Dream of Jeanie. I wonder if the other officer in that show is alive? Ill have to look it up.

Anyway, everyone should bookmark this site. Great info and great way to cross reference all entertainment. Linked to Internet Movie Database


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