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The Battle of You Tube.

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Looks like Warner are losing the Battle of You Tube, or at least the current war. :) There are upteen accessable clips from mobiles on there as I'm writing this; two excellent ones of Kashmir with great sound. Bonzo Junior's drumming sounds superb.

I really don't know what the problem is about these clips baring in mind that Zep have said there will be no DVD of the event and they are not going to do a tour. It's everyone else's only access for god's sake and although the sound and vision are generally crap they are still of interest.

Also they are free publicity. Baring in mind the massive increase in sales since they event of Mothership and their back catalogue, which I take it are not all down to the 18 thousand who attended, I think it's fair to say the You Tube clips are helping out.

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