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Anyone recognise these 'rock chicks' at the O2?

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Oh go one then, under this load of female pressure I will concede that it wasn't what you might call hard work going around London by day and by night with these lovely ladies by my side.

Its not a dirty job andyet someone still had to do it. So it might as well have been me as anyone. :whistling::thanku:

I don't think I was too bad a companion for them. :blink:

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I couldn't have asked for a better guide.

My...it's getting cheesy, this thread.... :ph34r:


:) would you like pickle with that then ?? Its good to read and hear everyone had a great time at a very unique event and the lead up to it !!!

Happy New year :)

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I'm just getting around to this thread. Celia and Aqua, you look gorgeous as always.

What a lucky band Led Zeppelin is to have two fine ladies like yourselves as fans. :D

Celia -- any air kisses from Robert this time around? :D


Eskimo!!! Great to meet you!! You were missed. :)

There were air kisses form Robert.....but not for me, this time. :(

Oh, well, one can't have it all, right?

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