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What if Physical Graffiti was one disc...


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What a dumb thread.

Gee that's not very nice! Uncalled for I would have thought.

Let's not be unkind folks!

It's still quite valid, I think we all prefer certain songs from Physicall graffiti, but perhaps a better question would be 'What are your favourite songs from Graffiti?', because I don't think most of us wants to leave anything off the album!

Thank you Matjaz1. To me its completely valid, because I for one - get ready for sacrilegious comment coming up - really don't have a lot of time for vast swathes of PG. So much of it is just filler, its just the guys clearing out the backlog of tracks they had kicking around, much like a bowel movement.

I will back up my opinion in the following manner - to me, Zeppelin were at their best when they were lean and to the point. Led Zep IV is a classic album because there's no filler - its 8 tracks of glory, Zeppelin punching straight to the point. Similarly, Presence retains its re-listen appeal because its just 7 tracks that get right to the heart of the matter. And the musical ideas on all the first 5 albums were (on the whole) challenging and satisfying.

But then you get to PG and there are so many tracks that feature chromatic movements down and up their respective scales (Custard Pie, In the Light, Sick Again) and after a while it just starts to sound like Jimmy was running out of truly inspired song ideas. The fire and the passion of the first 5 albums is waning - no doubt in part due to certain substance problems.

And THAT'S why I started this thread, To celebrate the very best of PG, because for my money its a much punchier album, with more lasting value and worth, once you cut out the filler and focus on the truly great tracks which for me are:

The Rover


Trampled Underfoot

Ten Years Gone...


So that's it. I know other fans are not going to like this approach and that's fine. I bet there's plenty dumber threads on this forum than mine I can tell you that right now.

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I dont think its a dumb thread but just cant whittle my favorite album down to one disc...somedays I'll not really like Sick Again or the Wanton Song then other days think they are great...depends on my mood but I cant imagine it without Boogie with Stu and some of the lesser known/popular trax...

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