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Deborah Bonham


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I just picked up this piece of bad news on another forum that seems to come from Peter Bullick's FB page today:

"You may have heard, Deborah's in hospital after an awful accident last night. Leaving her local restaurant whilst walking to the car in an unlit car park, tripped over a wooden railway sleeper that was placed between the driver's and rear door of the car, and landed in a pile of logs, fracturing her cheekbone, eye socket and gashing her face. Thankfully the Scan results show no brain bleed, but may require some reconstruction once the swelling subsides next week. We've had to cancel some radio sessions and charity event appearances, as it will take a few months to fully recover. Thanks to everyone who helped last night, shielding Deb from the rain until the ambulance came, and the brilliant first aider Chef who held her head and helped keep her conscious. I'm sure she'll enjoy reading some messages at home. Pete x"

Get well soon Deborah.

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