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Kraftwerk To Play The Tate Modern

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The German Electronic Pioneers are playing The Tate Modern In London next year

KRAFTWERK - THE CATALOGUE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 is a chronological exploration of the group’s sonic and visual experiments and presents eight classic master works from across their celebrated repertoire with spectacular 3D visualisations and effects.

Combining sound and images, the performances showcase nearly 40 years of musical and technical innovation, including new improvisations, 3D projections and animation. Commencing with Autobahn, each night covers one of Kraftwerk’s groundbreaking studio albums in full and appear in order of their release — Autobahn (1974), Radio-Activity (1975), Trans Europe Express (1977), The Man-Machine (1978), Computer World (1981), Techno Pop (1986), The Mix (1991) and Tour de France (2003) — alongside additional compositions from their back-catalogue.

Wednesday 6 February 2013, 21:00

1 – Autobahn (1974)

Thursday 7 February 2013, 21:00

2 – Radio-Activity (1975)

Friday 8 February 2013, 22:30

3 – Trans Europe Express (1977)

Saturday 9 February 2013, 22:30

4 – The Man-Machine (1978)

Monday 11 February 2013, 21:00

5 – Computer World (1981)

Tuesday 12 February 2013, 21:00

6 – Techno Pop (1986)

Wednesday 13 February 2013, 21:00

7 – The Mix (1991)

Thursday 14 February 2012, 21:00

8 – Tour de France (2003)

I would love to go to anyone of them but which one? Personally number 3. It should be quite an experience

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Thanks for the heads up!

I vividly remember Autobahn on the radio when I was in fifth grade.

Years later, I spent every night of college spring break shrooming to Computer World.

In The Light since 1972.

Trampled Under Foot. My life with Led Zeppelin.


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This is an awesome concept...and one I hope they repeat in the U.S. To go to all of them would be nice, and I'm sure most people will be going to the "Trans-Europe Express" or "Autobahn" nights. But if I could only go to one, I would want to go to the "Tour de France" night...I really have a soft spot for that album.

Besides, I've seen Kraftwerk several times in the past and I've already heard most of their early catalogue performed in concert.

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