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Strange Led Zep III vinyl

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I recently picked up a vinyl of Led Zeppelin III from a small temporary vinyl stand in a mall. The sleeve is in pretty decent condition and, LZIII being my favorite LZ album, I just had to have it. However, when I took the record out, I found something strange.

The A-side says "Led Zeppelin III" and lists it's tracks. However, the B-side says "Led Zeppelin" and lists the tracks to "Led Zeppelin's" B-side.

When I play the vinyl, it is "Led Zeppelin" on both sides! So essentially I bought the "Led Zeppelin" vinyl with mis-matched stickers within a "Led Zeppelin III" case.

I attached photos of the record. Has anyone seen anything like this? What exactly did I buy?



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It wasn't unusual for strange things like this to happen in the record production industry back in the day. I remember buying an album years ago that had the same tracks pressed on both the A and B side.

And no! it wasn't a Status Quo album and I had just thought I had heard the same tracks on both sides! :)

I took it back to the shop and swapped it. I probably should have kept it, It might have been worth a few quid now.

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