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So I'm at the record store picking up a Christmas present for a friend, and possibly getting a sneak peek at the "Celebration Day" vinyl...when I discover THIS in the Led Zeppelin vinyl section! Led Zeppelin "Before the West Was Won: Live at the Fillmore West". I'm thinking it's just another bootleg until I turn it over and see the official Swan Song logo!

It is from the Jan. 11, 1969 Fillmore West show and appears to be from the German Swan Song office. Is this legit or just a really well-made pirate? Is Led Zeppelin finally making some of their shows available in limited form? Here are the photos I snapped:




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It's gotta be a boot. Even if the Swan Song logo is there, I think it's just a really well made unofficial release.

The price is listed at $18.98.....

That's a steal if I ever saw one. If that album was in a record store here, It would list for $35 or better. Especially on vinyl.

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ways to spot this is not official product

1. looks like the version of How many more Times is the cut version from the boot, the wouldnt release that

2. The timings on side 1 are wrong, even if they switched them

3. there is no picture of JIMMY PAGE on the cover

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