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How often do you listen to Led Zeppelin?

How often do you listen to Led Zeppelin?  

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  1. 1. Tell Us?

    • Once a week
    • A couple times a week
    • Once a day
    • Several times a day
    • Dude, it's all I fucking listen to!
  2. 2. What's your age?

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Now and Zen. Might not listen for a couple of years or more. Then there are periods where Zeppelin is all I play for days. Lately it's maybe once or twice a week, more often than not a bootleg.

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Driving to work a good morning radio show is on, so only a few songs interspersed when ads or news bores me. Afternoon drive - pure Zeppelin. All on 1 MP3 disk at random.

Waiting for re-releases to refresh a much better quality sound through home stereo with good headphones. I am off the piss this year too - so I have to wait till next freakin year to get a good buzz on and listen to a few albums. But I do plan a back to back session in early Jan. :stereo:

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Thanks guys for making it okay to post here, I have Really BEEN Digging the same Record Albums as well, I have really gotten into the latest of the Records that LED ZEPPELIN has Put-Out... These Albums Are Something to LIVE For, Let ME TELL You. Thanks for EVERY One of THESE... Live-On.


-freddy fingers

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