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Led Zeppelin Book Suggestions


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I was looking for a book on Led Zeppelin to read, and during my search I found one called:

"Led Zeppelin: The Oral History of the World's Greatest Rock Band" by Barney Hoskyns

I was curious as to how many people on here have read this book, and what their thoughts were on it. I was also wondering if anyone knew how factual the stories in it, or if any of the band members had ever commented on it. I know Page and the others have dismissed other books in the past as crap.

I will also take recommendations if anyone has other books on Zeppelin that would be worth my time to read. I appreciate any feeback that can be given.

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There are quite a few Zep book threads. Do a search for books in the master forum and you'll find some. Light And Shade has been a popular topic in recent months because it's based on interviews with Page and was just recently released.

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"Hammer of the Gods".

I don't care what anyone says or thinks about this book. THIS was the FIRST book I had ever read about Led Zeppelin when I was just 14 years old and it literally changed my life. To me, it does not matter if this book is half fiction and the other half non-fiction. It is because of this book, and the Great Music and Myth that Led Zeppelin created, that I am the very Loyal and Die-Hard Led Zeppelin fan that I am. Since then I have read over 25 books about Led Zeppelin (over and over and over again), not to mention over dozens and dozens of the old 'ZOSO' fanzines (that I still possess) and dozens and more dozens of magazines related to the "Mighty Zeppelin".

"Let the Music Be Your Master, Will You Heed the Master's Call?"

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I have a bunch of zep books-some are such crap! This book sounds like a MUST!!! Anyone here have That very expensive Jimmy Page book that came out a year or two ago & how was it?

Hi, I missed the boat getting the Jimmy Page deluxe book.....it had sold out by the time I heard about it. Other members here have said great things about it.

I found the thread you must (well you'll probably want to) check out that people uploaded photos from the book. Positively stunning photos. Here's hoping Jimmy will do another run of the book and perhaps lower the cost so more people can enjoy it (like me!). :) Missy


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The Concert Files

^^^ That's a great one. It's packed full of all the concert setlists and details and it's compact size means you can fit it in your purse! :)

Here's another one that is fabulous. There is not a lot of text in this oversized book, mostly really big photos of the boys in the band. Very nice photos.

(Led Zeppelin by Neal Preston)


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This book is back in print, the new edition was made available by Southbank Publishing on March 15th.

Here below commentary reprinted from the publisher's website: http://www.southbankpublishing.com/9781904915119/index.php?title_isbn=9781904915119


The Powerhouse behind Led Zeppelin
The Godfather of Rock Drumming
On 25th September 1980 John Bonham, considered one of the greatest drummers of all time, died in tragic circumstances. Two months later a simple letter signed by Plant, Page and Jones, stated that they could not replace him and therefore could not continue. After nine multi-million selling albums and record breaking world tours, Led Zeppelin came to an abrupt and premature end.
To acknowledge the 25th anniversary of his death in 2005, Southbank published John Bonham a personal account of his life, by someone who knew him better than anyone - his brother Mick Bonham.
Unavailable for two years, this fitting tribute to one of the rock music greats is back in print, at a time when interest in Led Zeppelin is once again at a high point.
The book follows John's childhood desire to play the drums, having to improvise with pots and pans until the first kit arrived at the age of fifteen, to the transition into an internationally renowned rock drummer of one of the most successful bands ever formed. Much has been written about 'Bonzo', good and bad, but this book (unlike others) gets closer to what he was really like, from those who knew him best.
With exclusive interviews with band members and contributions from many others that knew him, and including previously un-published photographs from the Bonham collection, this is an important tribute not only to John Bonham but also to Mick, who died soon after completing this book.
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