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New 1977 soundboard - Landover 25/5 & 30/5 - Empress Valley release

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Folks, news just in...

Led Zeppelin - Double Shot (5/25 & 30/77 Landover - Previously Unreleased SB) Empress Valley Label. The Soundboard Revolution Series proudly presents for the very First and Only time anywhere, Two legendary nights in Landover, Md - Complete and in Perfect Stereo Soundboard!!!

Two versions of this set with different artwork:

Extremely Ltd Slip Case Edition (100 Copies Only!!) This 6 CD set includes both 5/25 & 5/30 1977 Maryland shows. The CD sets are housed in special paper cases and covered by unique slipcase similar in packaging to Snowblind also from Empress Valley label

Maryland Moonshine Box Set - Ultimate Collectors Edition (50 Copies Only!!) This 12 CD Mega Deluxe Box includes the entire four night Maryland 1977 stand in Complete and Perfect Stereo Soundboard!! Each CD set is housed in special paper cases inside awesome Ltd Ed box.

'77 tour fans will be wetting themselves. :)

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Wow, this is very cool. That completes the Landover run, all in soundboard. Although, I'm personally more a fan of the New York and especially LA gigs. I know a lot of people love Landover 5/30, but for some reason I can never seem to get into it. It's a great audience source, but there are no big surprises like those first 3 shows in LA.

What will be really nice is having 5/25. The audience source for that show is rough, and if memory serves I think that night may have been particularly good for Bonham.

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^ ^ more than 90mins i would say, the Noise Solo although it went on about 5mins too long worked well as an intro to their greatest epic Achilles, NQ was usually rivetting apart from the Crap Interludes, and of course there was no place in 1977 (nor arguably at any other time) for 25min drum soloes. Apart from these crimes against music which total maybe 40mins, the 77 set was by far their most entertaining, if maybe not their best executed.

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I can't explain how much happy this post made me feel!! Thank you for making my day

LiveWire - I am merely a messenger, and am glad to make anyone's day in these times.

Sooo, I came just now from hearing this!

Sue, like I write above, I'm glad to make anyone's day in these time... :P

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Beautiful, Sue! :yesnod:


Sue, like I write above, I'm glad to make anyone's day in these time... :P


I just keep reading the original post over and over, it just makes me so happy! A torrent of these SBD's can't arrive soon enough!

Edited by Sue Dounim
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