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Xmas Ornaments, Trees, Wreaths, and other holiday decorations

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I have always loved collecting ornaments. I have ornaments of my favorite sports teams, some at least, still need an Orioles one. I have many real old ornaments that were handed down over the years. This is the first year we really sort of copped out and bought a table top tree. I have always loved getting a real tree. I have a real table top. I found a real beauty. Nice and full. And I love the smell of pine. If anyone has any special ornament they wish to post?

Merry Xmas early and may the joy of the season be upon you all

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My tree topper is a favorite, it's Mary holding baby Jesus. It was from my family tree growing up & it still looks beautiful today. Other than that I collect batman stuff . I now have enought batman ornaments to decorate a seperate tree. I vary onraments year by year & only hang a few so it does'nt seem overdone. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all!!

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I love my Christmas tree, and getting out all my decorations. I have a traditional colour theme of gold, red and and green. The only thing I never look forward to is untangling the tree lights. Mr. Magic normally deals with them, and then I get to do the fun bit. It took him nearly 2 hours to get them untangled this year. Then when we switched them on they didn't work! There was a loose bulb, and they are now on the tree looking very 'magical'. :)

I also have a wreath. I made my own wreath this year which was lots of fun.

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We have put up a few things but no tree. There is just us two and we don't feel the need to put a tree up and put gifts under it. We do buy presents and we have a couple of things dotted around the lounge. So no Scrooge here

Your post made it appear otherwise. Good to know the facts. I do like that ornament posted above. The bells. Nice. I have more ornaments than I could put on a tree. I do like to collect them. I wish I had a Zeppelin ornament. If anyone knows where to get one do tell.

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