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The Good and not so Good of Celebration Day

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Ilve been living with this since its day of release. I've listened and watched several time. Well, the Rehearsal Tapes that were bootlegged back 2-3 years ago were a better rehearsal performance than the fixed-camera video rehearsal performance included in this set. BUT it's new, and it's good.

I didn't care for the whiplash editing, three to four seconds at most per shot... I'll leave it to the experts with the sound spectrum analyzers to tell us what we're hearing...

As others have noted, if this is the last flight of the mighty Zeppelin, it's a helluva high-water mark to end your legacy.

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I didnt like the way it was shot, and the only way I can describe is "stock".

A concert of this magnitude, I see a genuine lack of camera flow. It just didnt match what my eyes wanted to see or follow, bad timing with a few edits, etc. All the little things that could have been done for bonus footage wasn't done - I would have had at least six Go Pro's on Jason himself, catchng his facial expressions, his hands working (rolls), his footwork, hitting cymblas etc.So many little things that bothered me, hardy any medium crowd shots, a shot ot two of roberts feet (boogie'ing). Just a bunch of little stuff that added up for me.

Im really glad it happened and love it, please dont get me wrong. The entire production could have been better.

I have calibrated my home theater system (with Audyssey and a sound meter). I sit appox. 12 ft. from my Sony 55" HDTV. I have done the "sub crawl" to get the optimum sub location, and the sound has improved greatly. The bass is much tighter and noticeable just like it should be. The mixing of this concert is really not that great though. Sometimes you can hear Jimmy's guitar and sometimes not. Roberts voice gets lost in the sound of the band from time to time. But again, as stated above, I'll take what I can.


Favourte Shot; Jimmy, Robert and John Paul in front of the drum riser waiting/smiling at Jason - as a film maker, thats described as a "giflt".

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Some criticism:

Editing. Okay, editing isn't egregious but it could've been better. Some shots last less than a second.

Super 8mm. Personally, I cannot point out a single moment in the film where the 8mm footage actually improves the viewing experience. VERY superfluous. I don't think Jimmy should've allowed Carruthers to use this bulky footage.

Camerawork. Even though there are some out-of-focus moments, the camerawork is solid throughout the entire concert. However, as an earlier reviewer already pointed out, some more cameras should've been added. This was a VERY signficant performance, probably the most signficant concert in the 2000s, and every single moment - including the audience shots - should've been captured.

Live sound engineering. Very disappointing. There was a very unpleasant feedback on Robert's microphone in the opening three songs, and Page himself pointed out that the onstage monitors were not working well during the violin bow sequence in D&C. Recording engineer going sloppy?

Several completely redundant cuts. Highlights include the beginning of Ramble On and Robert's speech before Kashmir.

Celebration Day is a very good overall product but some these points could've been taken into account. Nevetheless, big thanks to Jimmy Page (and Jones and Plant) for releasing this product. I remember times when I thoght we would've never seen this footage.

My pick for the best performance of the night: In My Time of Dying (easily).

The other thing that really hit me at the concert was during "Stairway" After Robert sang his famous line "And the forests will echo with laghter", the fans in the front row sang back "Does anybody remember laughter?" which caused Robert to smile back at them. Very touching moment to me. And I was hoping for a close up of Robert's face at that moment...alas it wasn't there.

EXACTLY. One of the flagrant examples of flawed editing. Edited by Geezer
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