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Pictures of Led Zeppelin through the years


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Great collection Azad! Thanks for posting. Jonesy is pretty awesome. This bloke's alright too :)

Hey WLL4LZ, no problem.

Yeah, Percy is awesome.

To be honest, all 4 of them are up the top of my favorite musos. :)

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^^ This gave me a laugh! I think this is really well done - the photos chosen go so perfectly with the animals - both in looks & personality. I have always thought of Bonzo as bear-like, Robert as a big Leo/lion & JPP definately has feline characteristics.

I was not sure of the JPJ/wolf comparison at first either but that particular photo emphasises the fact that his face can look narrow & his nose is quite long. Wolves seem quite reserved by nature. But what did it for me though was when I read that wolves generally hang out in family units & that they are usually monogomous, mating for life. And that their howls are quite complex musical arrangements - they harmonise rather than howling the same note, so that it sounds like there are more of them. Very JPJ :)

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