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Could Page work with a female singer ?


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Many solo artist have worked with female singers, many mixed groups have female vocalists

Robert Plant – Alison Krauss & Patty

Mark Knophfler – Emmylou Harris

Fleetwood Mac – Stevie Nicks

Big Brother – Janis Joplin

Jefferson Airplane – Grace Slick

Heart – Ann Wilson et al

What about Jimmy Page working with a female vocalist , I’d go for Bettye Lavette

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as long as it's not leona lewis or whatever her name is.

I certanly wouldn't mind anything "new" at this point, including even an acoustical LP featuring Leona Lewis on vocals. Personally, I like Sharon Little. Saw her in Seattle as an opening act for Plant / Krauss. She was so well received and had such a beautiful voice, receiving a loud standing ovation, though she was so admittently nervous.

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Ann Wilson would be my top choice .

but this is a case of whether Jimmy himself is up for it. i can't any of the women mentioned not wanting to work with him. in fact i think he could easily get almost anyone (male or female) to work with him if he wanted to.

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Of course It could work..

Jimmy Page could work with 100 kazoo players and it would be great.

Whether or not the public would embrace it is another thing..

For Female singers I'd pick..

Tori Amos / Kate Bush - brilliant and eccentric.

Leann Rimes - amazing beautiful voice.

Ann Wilson - of course.

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Absolutely fascinating question. Could he ?

We can all list women, and men, he's worked with in the past. We can all draw up a future wish list with either men or women.

I think that, apart from his very early days, his world of music has been with men. And his world of work has been with men. Few of us build our own workplaces and people them just as we choose. Jimmy's in a different place, and in terms of musical collaborators, plus other support staff, guitar techs & the like, it's a male domain.

We all know he needs to find a key musical collaborator, who can hold their own, and yet tune in . Perhaps he will find the man who fits that bill.

I do think it would represent a whole new area of challenge and musical excitement if he could have that kind of working relationship with a woman.

But I just don't think the precedents are there.

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