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Hello! New member :)


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Hi, everybody!

I'm new here. I'm from Brazil and lived in England for some years and I love Zep so much (since I was a kid) but I got tired of not having anyone to talk about them hahaha

I think I had an account here before but I'm unable to remember the details and yahoo! is not being nice to me (I'm unable to access the old email account :/) but I just read some threads and discussions, really, I didn't talk to anyone.

Anyway, I hope I'll meet new people and that I'll be able to talk a lot about Zep. :stereo:



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Hey Lynne..

I love Zep for 40 years..also new member...ya..we all need to talk about our love of Zeppelin...hi everyone!

Cool! Welcome, Edp007 ;)

^ Even still, Buddy Guy can kiss my ass. :D



Thanks a lot, Scythe!

Nice threadjack.

Welcome back Lynne. Are you the Lynne that used to banter with Old Scratch back in the day?

Thanks a lot, Strider!

Nope. I don't remember my previous ID properly, but it was something with "Lily" hahaha

Both are my real nicknames ^^

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