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Good Evening!


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So said the singer in the band oh so many times before....

Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 41, first touched by the Hammer at 16, when my soon to be best friend in life, invited me over to his house after school because his father had a 45 record of Immigrant Song and wanted me to hear the B-Side Hey Hey What Can I Do. From there it begun. I, like many of you I'm sure, have a tattered falling apart copy of Hammer Of The Gods in the bookshelf.

I own two bootlegs - For Badge Holders Only on cassette and one called Rip It Up on CD (which I think is also from The LA Forum, its not in front of me)

Saw Plant solo 3 times, twice supporting Manic Nirvana and once support Fate Of Nations. Have yet to ever see Page or Jones perform live.

The release of Celebration Day, like many of you, has made me giddy to all Hell. I can't stop watching and listening. Its the little things, the smiles between members, the Duck Faces, Jason's unbelieveable performance, and the drum cam! Love that angle!

And now the Kennedy Center Honors, what a great night.

As for my favorite song/album, all of them. I can't compare one song or album to the other. They just, were.

And for someone who doesn't play drums, I can say that I started fixating on Bonzo's drumming immediately. It's funny how those early Rolling Stone review said Bonham had no swing, but no need to get on a RS rant here :)

It's the cosmic, energy. Everyone goes yeeeeaah - BASH!

Be well.

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