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Guitar improvization based on Since I've Been Loving You


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Jam 21.12.12 - YouTube


Guitar Jam Based on Led Zeppelin's SIBLY. I used the original intro then I tried to make up some melodies on top of the acoustic playing rhythm.

1 year and 9 months of playing.

Gibson LP with SD Pearly Gates pickups going straight into Marshall JMP 1W Combo.

Recorded with phone as I don't have any recording equipment yet...

More stuff I recorded the same day:

https://soundcloud.c...-21-12-12-hotrs based on The Animals song House of The Rising Sun

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Nice! The strumming is really clean and I like the sound of the electric, perhaps it would be cool if you would do more Page phrases, especially as in the intro they are not that hard to play, latter on Page does some incredible speedy stuff, which us acoustic pickers can only dream of!

Sad that Major major isn't on here anymore, I'm shure he would have some nice words for you! But I really like it too and don't expect anything back! ;)

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