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If you could have added 5 more songs to the O2 set...

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In a way I knew they were going to play Led Zeppelin songs... and I was going to be there. No burning disappointments - but for the thread (and 5's hard):

1. Over the Hills

2. Houses of the Holy

3. In the Evening

4. Celebration Day

5. The Rain Song

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Acoustic set:

1. The Rain Song

2. Gallows Pole

3. That's the Way

4. The Battle of Evermore

5. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp

I might have to agree with this one. OTHAFA would have been nice too..... Oh and it would have been nice if I was THERE! :'( (I may never get over it if they don't tour)

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  • THE ROVER - I know of an interview with Plant in which he is sort of regretful that they never got to play this song live. I think it's one of their essential songs, so I wonder why they didn't try it.
  • HEARTBREAKER - it's got one of them ass-kicking riffs!
  • WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKS - that one, dedicated to the memory of good ol' John
  • ACHILLES' LAST STAND - it's perhaps the greatest song from the latter days
  • BRON-YR-AUR STOMP - I would have certainly used this one as an encore! Dedicated to the memory of Stryder... :)

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After seeing the setlist and the various UTUBE vids my top 5 would be obscure. For Your Life was the definite "treat of the night" but 5 I would like would be...

1. Tea For One-That beggining riff is great-What a bluesy crawler with exceptional Page leads.

2. Carouselambra-It would be a showoff piece for Jonesy and Plant.

3. In The Light- Exudes raw bluesy power and majesty.

4. Hots on for Nowhere-Saw Pagey do this with the Crowes-It was incredible!

5. The Rover- What a riff..."and the flag we're flyin'-is the new flag on the land!"

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I was just listening to -wearing and tearing and was thinkning how -plant/page played that at -knebworth 90... and how they chose to play something like -for your life and the whole -led zep songlist of o2...really the example of how much -jones was needed in those songs.

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I know I already gave my list of 5, but can't stop thinking what it would have been like, if Moby Dick was included, how Jason would have pulled it through.

I know, I know, it's blasphemy to even think something like that, but still... :whistling:;)

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"For Your Life" was treat enough, but any of these 5 would have been great as well:

1) "Train Kept A Rollin" - The first song they ever played together, for history sake.

2) "Lemon Song" - I would have loved to hear a straight beginning & ending from them performing this. Roberts' legend was made off this song.

3) "Hey, Hey, What Can I Do" - A fan favorite they never did live together.

4) "Carouselambra" - Even though they did "No Quarter", I think JPJ would have absolutely made this into a live epic.

5) "Wearing & Tearing" - They would have killed on this.

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What would they be? Given that on the radio interview Jason said he could have played for a few more numbers, I think the set could have been expanded with the following 5 gems:

1. Achilles' Last Stand

2. Battle of Evermore

3. When the Levee Breaks

4. In the Evening

5. The Rover

1heartbreaker 2thank you 3ten years gone 4all my love 5 going to california

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I've been going through the setlist over and over during the past 2 weeks and for me the five key songs that I would have added remain as follows:

1. Achilles

2. Battle of Evermore

3. The Rover

4. In the Evening

5. All my love

That being said, I keep thinking that the following songs are among the most well-known songs that didn't make it into the setlist:

1. Achilles

2. Battle of Evermore

3. The Rover

4. In the Evening

5. All my love

6. Custard pie

7. Houses of the holy

8. Rain song

9. D'yer Maker

10. The ocean

11. Going to California

12. Immigrant song

13. Gallow's pole

14. Tangerine

15. Bron-Yr Stomp

16. Moby dick

17. Heartbreaker

18. Over the hills & far away

19. What is & what should never be

20. Communication breakdown

21. Babe I'm gonna leave you

22. Hey hey what can I do

23. Thank you

Just imagine if they had added those 23 songs to the setlist (obviously they could never play that long).

Now let's add some other key surprises to the now 39-song set (23 plus the 17 they played):

1. Tea for one

2. In the light

3. When the levee breaks

4. Carouselambra

5. Ozone baby

6. Walter's walk

7. Slow dancer

8. Like I've never been gone

9. Tie die on the highway

10. Most high

11. Wonderful one

12. Liquid mercury

13. All the king's horses

14. Whisper a prayer for the dying

15. One of the Yardbirds songs covered by Page & the Black Crowes

16. Down by the seaside

We've now got a 55-song set and if some of the songs are reshuffled so that they fall into an acoustic set that includes:

A. Battle of Evermore

B. Gallow's pole

C. Tangerine

D. Bronyrstomp

E. Going to California

F. Hey hey what can I do

G. Over the hills

H. Wonderful one

And if we expand Dazed & Confused to its 28 minutes of glory as it appears in the Soundtrack to the Film,

then we've got an incredible set for a DVD!! (Just a fantasy)

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"For your life" was a real treat.

"Tea for one" could easily replace "Since I been loving you"

"Rain song" I expected was going to follow T.S.R.T.S.

Plant really cant sing "Black dog" too well

I would have added:



THE OCEAN - have a recorded John Bonham count them in



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1. Achilles Last Stand

2. Heartbreaker

3. When The Levee Breaks

4. Communication Breakdown

5. Moby Dick

Although I firmly believe Jason Bonham is the key element for Page, Plant and Jones to ALLOW themselves to be on stage as Led Zeppelin (something they would never have considered doing) I think they should never play Moby Dick on stage. That would be crossing over into territory that should be left alone, even for John's only son. It would not be right.

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