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A piano sonata I wrote


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Thank you very much and a happy new year! Well this is just what has developed throught the recent months and I also worked on Mozart's Rondo alla Turca, which you can hear in the Ramble on section in my topic 'My new song-Samo Kodela' where you can also hear my own songs with me singing and playing!

I'm still trying to make the Rondo better ofcourse, it's very hard to play!

Oh and let's not be silly about John paul Jones! His work on In through the out door is incredible! My playing doesn't even get close to his solo in All my love for example! His arrangements are incredible when he doesn't improvise and when he does it can be even more incredible and far better than your average joe playing, just listen to Knebworth 11th No quarter, after the fourth minute it's just unbeliveable!

My influences are all sorts of classical music I listen to and ofcourse great rock bands and all the rest I listen too!

I'm glad someone likes it, but let's not overdo this, I just won't find comparisons to Jones flattering at all, it's not that good and I told folks on this forum several times, that I took criticism badly on the old forum because of my low confidence at the time and I'm telling a few of you now let's not overdo it in the other direction, because I certainly don't like too much praising! I'm not like that!

My life has been a lot of pain and suffering and one of the side effects of the croocked roads was also that I couldn't take criticism easily, I was quickly hurt and I'm glad someone likes my work on this forum, but let's not overdo this at all!

Thanks again!

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