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Happy Birthday John Paul Jones!


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Happy birthday wishes to one Mr. John Baldwin. Our beloved Jonesy turns 68 today.

Before there was a Plant...before there was a Bonzo...there was John Paul Jones. When Jimmy Page was abandoned by the remaining Yardbirds and a new band began forming in his mind, it was John Paul Jones that he first turned to and who was first aboard this nascent adventure that would become Led Zeppelin.

In Jones, he not only had a rock-solid bassist, but a multi-instrumentalist, which was very important in realizing Jimmy's vision whilst keeping the band a quartet. He also had someone who could also write and arrange songs and orchestration and had a wide range of influences and musical knowledge...and played a wicked backgammon.

Most important, John Paul Jones knew his way around the studio. What people often forget is that John Paul Jones also had done extensive session work in the 1960s before joining Led Zeppelin. So, like Jimmy, Jones knew his way around a studio and knew how to maximize your time in the studio and get the sounds in your head onto tape without dithering about. Which is one of the reasons Led Zeppelin seemed to explode out of the gate and immediately have a leg up on all the other bands around at that time.

If Jones had turned Page down way back in 1968, there still would have been a Led Zeppelin...Jimmy would have found another bassist I'm sure. But it would have been a different Led Zeppelin...one without "Kashmir", "Black Dog", "In the Light", and countless others.

Happy birthday John Paul Jones!

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