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Who are your favorite Commedians?


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So many comedians out there who do you think if the funniest of the bunch?

Hare are some of mine:

George Carlin-funny as hell and opened the door for upcoming comedians. Wasn't afraid to say anything for example the 7 words you cant say on TV

Ron White- the more Johnny Walker Red he drinks the funnier he is. He is the master of sarcasm

Rodney Dangerfield- He never got any respect and gave 100s of reasons why

Katleen Madigan-Started out on the show Last Comic Standing and has never looked back..

Nick Di Paolo- He is best known for his biting and verbally aggressive humor.

John Caparulo-His voice alone kills me. He touches on quite a few subjects and has me laughing my ass off.

John Caponera-this guy is a riot

Those are some of mine,what are some of yours? I will be adding to the list.

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In no partiular order:

Redd Fox

George Carlin

Bernie Mac

Richard Prior

Gene Wilder (I consider him one)

Jackie Gleason (him too)

The Three Stooges

Robin Williams

Jerry Seinfeld

Bill Cosby

Dice Clay

Rodney Dangerfield

Steve Martin

Don Rickles

Eddie Murphy (80's)

Dave Chappelle

Frank Caliendo (until he appeared on NFL sunday)

Sam Kinison

Ralphie May

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