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Bayougal ^ I think that's affiliated with PBS...so for me, it's channel (PBS)12 or (WLAE)14

32 is actually the Discovery Channel. I have basic Cox Cable in New Orleans.

Looks like he's doing a half hour with Letterman and then with Zep.

Thanks for the post ya'll. Will be taping!!

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what city are in you ? we don't have a regular pbs where i am anymore.

Atlanta. We have GPBTV or something like that (which was what I was looking at the first time - wrong station)

Then the PBA30 - which will air the show around two in the morning or something like that. Urgh. Waaaay too late/early.

Edit: At 1:30am to be exact. Setting the alarm just in case I nod off.

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I'm getting ready to watch it right now, as it starts at 11:30pm here in L.A. on KCET.

The funny thing is I wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't gotten sick today. I called in sick to work and since I was staying in for the night, I scanned the tv channels to see if anything good was on tonight...checked Letterman and as I was scrolling down, that's when I saw the Charlie Rose show listing.

Funnily enough, since I'm on the Pacific Coast and usually Sam or one of you East Coasters has already posted news before I even wake up, I figured the Charlie Rose info had already been posted.

Good thing I checked here just in case...I was surprised nobody had posted the news.

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Ditto mstork. Don't know why they didn't announce this anywhere (or at least Charlie Rose mention on his CBS Morning gig that there would be a slightly longer version airing later).

As for the interview itself, I was half-asleep and really couldn't focus on it as much as I would have liked.

I do think we solved the issue of Robert's 'watery eyes'. The draft in the room was bothering him apparently.

It was pretty much the same thing we watched previously, except for Charlie badgering them (Robert) about reunion talk. Oh and him bringing up Robert's accident and Karac and how it affected him...though Robert kinda went around that one.

But yeah...thought we'd get a lot more but not much.

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