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My 50 Favorite Guitar Solos Of All-Time

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Here are my fifty favorite guitar solos of all time.

The list is not necessarily representative of bands that are my favorites. It is simply my personal definitive list of guitar solos that, through emotion or technical facility, are my favorites. In order.

Numbers 28, 29, and 30 are what I call the "Anti-Solos." When I first heard them I hated them with a passion. For years. Then, over time, I began to see their beauty, even if they were still counter-intuitive and stark.

If Jimmy Page appears underrepresented here, it may be because I love him more for his songwriting and producing skills.

And while I do not love any of these bands more than Led Zeppelin, I can say with certainty that guitarists like the Edge, Alex Lifeson, Randy Rhoads and Allan Holdsworth have the uncanny ability to deliver guitar solos that leave me stunned and breathless.

Every time.

50. Alone Again George Lynch Dokken

49. Lay It Down Warren DiMartini Ratt

48. Rainbow In The Dark Vivian Campbell Dio

47. Looks That Kill Mick Mars Motley Crue

46. You’re All I’ve Got Tonight Elliot Easton The Cars

45. Communication Breakdown Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin

44. Deuce (live) Ace Frehley Kiss

43. The Spirit of Radio Alex Lifeson Rush

42. Punk Rock Classic John Frusciante Red Hot Chili Peppers

41. Rocky Mountain Way Joe Walsh Joe Walsh

40. Haitian Divorce Dean Parks Steely Dan

39. Jesus Just Left Chicago Billy F**ckin’ Gibbons ZZ Top

38. Home Martin Gore Depeche Mode

37. Caught In A Dream Glen Buxton Alice Cooper

36. The Rover Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin

35. Third Stone From The Sun Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix

34. Too Many People Hugh McCracken Paul McCartney

33. Talk To Ya Later Steve Lukather The Tubes

32. Mountain Song David Navarro Jane’s Addiction

31. Bullet The Blue Sky The Edge U2

30. The Loco-Motion Mark Farner Grand Funk Railroad

29. Driven To Tears Andy Summers The Police

28. Shadows Of The Night Neil Giraldo Pat Benatar

27. Tom Sawyer Alex Lifeson Rush

26. Heartbreaker Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin

25. Dazed And Confused Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin

24. Otherside John Frusciante Red Hot Chili Peppers

23. Don’t Forget Me John Frusciante Red Hot Chili Peppers

22. Was There? Allan Holdsworth Allan Holdsworth

21. Sand Allan Holdsworth Allan Holdsworth

20. Neal And Jack And Me Robert Fripp King Crimson

19. Mean Streets (intro) Edward Van Halen Van Halen

18. Too Young To Fall In Love Mick Mars Motley Crue

17. The Thing That Should Not Be Kirk Hammett Metallica

16. Bulls On Parade Tom Morello Rage Against The Machine

15. Stick It Out Alex Lifeson Rush

14. Believer (live) Randy Rhoads Blizzard of Ozz

13. Subdivisions Alex Lifeson Rush

12. Metal Fatigue Allan Holdsworth Allan Holdsworth

11. The Garden Slash Guns N’ Roses

10. Hocus Pocus Jan Akkerman Focus

9. In God’s Country The Edge U2

8. New Years Day The Edge U2

7. Limelight Alex Lifeson Rush

6. Because It’s There Michael Hedges Michael Hedges

5. Devil Take The Hindmost Allan Holdsworth Allan Holdsworth

4. One Foot Out The Door Edward Van Halen Van Halen

3. Lay Lady Lay Mike Scaccia Ministry

2. Flying High Again Randy Rhoads Blizzard of Ozz

1. Ease Steve Vai PIL

Edit: Hmm. Any idea how to paste a word document so I can maintain the columns?

In The Light since 1972.

Trampled Under Foot. My life with Led Zeppelin.



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