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Fruit or Veg you Don't Like

Old Shep

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Not many fruits I don't like but not too keen on cantaloupe. Not much flavor, but will eat it.


Beets: a root veg and taste like dirt

Brussel Sprouts: Don't do anything for me

Cauliflower: Same as above, but will eat them if flavored well or in a salad of sorts

Lima Beans: Never used to eat them, but do now. Some butter or olive oil with s&p does the trick.

That's about it. Like pretty much anything else.

Will agree with Strider and confirm how good white asparagus is. If I'm correct as they're grown in a cool, dark place. So no sunlight, means the lack of green in color. I had these for the first time some 15 years ago over in Germany and couldn't believe how good they were. Lot of flavor and very crispy.

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  • 5 years later...

I have never like bananas. not that they dont taste good but they are so embarrasing to eat with people watching.

I also don't like pomegranates because they are more work to eat then they are worth

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