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Legacy's Signature Shop (Free!)


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Awesome work, Legacy01! :thumbsup:

I'd love to see what you come up with for me..

..Zep themed with the hermit, please.. B)

Thanks!! :)

And make it reaaaaalllly big!!!

He likes it that way.....

*Runs sprightly in the other direction*


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he should make my sig... reaaaaalllly BIG?? :blink:

You sick, evil bastard! angry.gif





I'm hoping this kid's work will catch on board-wide!! If all goes well,

soon everyone will have sigs that are not only stunningly gorgeous

but that are also perfectly.. oh, so sweetly unobtrusively.. sized!!

Legacy's found a way to promote reasonably sized sigs!

Afaic,.. he's a friggin genius! :cheer:

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I've got a strange request.

I would like a sig that blends the explosion of the Zeppelin with the explosion of the death star. To coincide with my username (which is the same across the internet) and my love for Zeppelin. Thanks in advance, and I would love to see the results.

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Once again people, if you could all host these signatures on a different site on your accounts.

Here you go wanna be drummer, I've done two for you; I managed to dig up an old signature I made thats related to your current one and added your name to it.



Empire (strangest request ever!):


(I can edit the text if you don't like the love led zeppelin at the top of your name)



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Hello everyone, I'm still kind of new here and getting use to the place.

Anyway I'm offering to make signatures for anyone who wants them!!!

Here are some of my other work from a different forum :






So don't worry about what you request, it can be about anything, Led Zeppelin, cars, girls, characters, movie stars, anything!!

Legacy, you are simply amazing! Can you conjure up one with that famous pic of Zep in front of their airplane????

Anyone is welcome to request a signature, and when I get the time I'll happily make signatures for you guys and gals!

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