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What are yer thoughts on JPJ's backing vocals on "Battle Of Evermore" (in 1977)?

JPJ's backing vocals on "Battle Of Evermore"  

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With the unledded version, i think its the cantankerous percussion that throws me off, as much as akhtars vocals. Although plant sings a strange yeowlee intro to no quarter in the song remains the same movie, so its a pronunciation in the singing that changes the vocal so much. The version plant does with alison krauss i think is what people are expecting. Krauss is singing amazing towards the build up at the end of the song, the drummer is hitting the cymbals with maracas, t bone burnett comes in with electric guitar, they did a great version.

With led zeppelin's acoustic set in 77, they are just having fun, sometimes playing going to california like a ditty for a time and then going back to the song that it is. battle of evermore, they could have had bonham on the drum kit where he always belongs, but he is just playing simple tamborine, jpjs vocals are almost spoken they are so simple....but why oh why did they add the harmonizer?

As with all of led zeppelins albums, the live versions are so much different.

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I thought JPJ did not sound so great, but the beginning of the video, with Robert trying not to crack up, was very endearing and funny.

But that's why we love them; you never know what you'll get live.

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The Guardian has linked to this thread.It's from last year and this ""Jonesy shouldn't sing," declared one forum poster. "As genius as he is with all of his other musical talents, he can't be good at everything" is the quote containing the link.

Guardian article

Thanks LedZepNews@Twitter for the Guardian article.

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CRAP to me!! John's vocals are simply not strong enough or unique enough to be the only backing vocals in a live setting to my ears. Frankly Jimmy and Bonham should have been working with John to combine all 3 of there voices as a single backing vocal unit which most likely would have been more bearable. The only thing I could ever be critical when discussing Zeppelin is that they truly never really tried or perhaps understood the importance of backing vocals for certain songs in a live setting.

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