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American Bald Eagle nest cam


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This is one of the most interesting things I've ever seen.

The link below is a website where they have a 24/7 live streaming feed of an American Bald Eagle nest.

Located in Fort Myers, Florida, the nest is the winter home of a pair of eagles that have been coming there since they built it in 2007.

The camera was mounted 6 feet above the nest and has infrared so that you can observe at any time of day or night.

It makes no sound and emits no light, so as not to disrupt their natural habitat.

Some have witnessed feedings and other events, but apparently I just missed the last one.

There is a remnant on the left side of the nest of some animal that was brought up to feed them recently.

The way I understand, there are 2 adult eagles, although to this point I've only seen the one, and 2 eaglets, born about a week ago.

It's oddly compelling to watch, and utterly fascinating.

I personally find it soothing in a way to watch the activities.

Anyway, enjoy.


This is a link to their Facebook page.


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Perfect timing!

The mother is feeding the eaglets right now.

This is so awesome.

I'm waiting to watch my Birds feed on some Bronco Carrion.

I checked it out. There are some beautiful pics on that sight also. My iPad won't play flash. I'd loved to be able to tune in. We have a few eagle pairs nesting in the DMV ( DC, MD, VA). One flushed out over my head on a canoe trip a few years back and a pair resides close to my fishing hole.

The bald eagle is one of the most majestic creatures I have witnessed in person.

Thanks for posting, I'll chek out, when I have flash capability.

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