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Why not the 08 Super Bowl Halftime show

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What? Go to all the effort of making the O2 show a fitting memorial to their past achievements & then throw it all away and reduce themselves to the level of an intermission background cabaret at a sporting event?

Never in a million years.

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Its our equivilent to playing for the Queen in the UK...a high honor...

So you think a game of football is "your equivalent" to our Royal Family? That says a lot about diffderences between the UK & the USA right there!

Leaving that aside, I've had a little look into some of the recent bands that have perfromed this show, & I see that past Superbowl performances have been surrounded by controversy over miming, and poor sound. That seals it - why the heck would anybody want to expose themselves to that?

It's a situation where lots of folks mime, those who don't mime will be rumoured to have been miming anyway, and the chances of a great performance are limited by the notorious sound problems. Oh - and the audience didn't come to see the band, they came to watch the game.

Honestly, it gets worse the more I read about it. My view is unchanged - this would have been (and still would be) a daft move for Zeppelin.

Edit - the horror keeps on coming. From a thread on TGP about Beyonce miming to the President:

Super Bowl is always lip-synched, ever since the console rebooted 2 minutes before the Stones went on.

Once in a while there'll be some live vox, but the band is always playing to track, and the TD has the backing tracks for vox, to switch to if something goes awry.

Too much riding on it to have dead air or a horrible mix.

So that's what you're suggesting Zeppelin should have done...

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