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Supermodel Jimmy

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According to Women's Wear Daily (Tues 22-1-13), look for the ads to start in March...including outdoor advertising in select cities.

"The images break in March magazines, with a media buy that includes GQ, Esquire, Details, Vanity Fair, VMan, Fantastic Man, Another Man and L’Uomo Vogue, among others. An outdoor buy comprises New York and San Francisco bus shelters, Los Angeles billboards and Las Vegas taxi tops, which all break in March. An online buy targets niche style sites such as A Continuous Lean, Selectism, Valet Mag and Uncrate."

Link to story-


*edited to correct date of issue

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Jimmy Page a model. :blink: Never thought I would see the day. Anyone else notice his continuous duck face throughout the video?

You have to look surly in fashion advertisements, I'm pretty sure it's the law. And anyway, why shouldn't Pagey model? He's more than beautiful enough, even in his maturity.

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Wouldn't be surprised if that happened. When this ad goes mainstream, you can be sure more designers will take notice (or even Varvatos himself) and go digging into the archives.

I do know some lady (whose name I forget now) was inspired by Robert's outfits and came out with a whole line of low-riding jeans, so who knows?

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OH MY GOD!!!! This is the coolest thing ever!! :cheer: Jimmy is the best dressed, sexiest man alive :wub: I can't wait to see these ads all over!!

Thank you so much Knebby for the thread and aen27 for alerting me to it!!!!

Edit to add:

I had somehow missed it and just watched the video!! Holy crap!! He's so gorgeous through the whole thing!! :wub:

And thank you Botswana as well :D

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I'm very surprised! :blink: Really...

When I first saw that video, I tought this is a new clip or something and Jimmy will play guitar too, but no... And I've never ever interested in fashion, so I've had no idea who is John Varvatos. But now everything is clear and I'm still surprised that Jimmy is a model now... but, finally, why not?

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