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What's your sign, man?


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I'm an Aquarius. My dad was also an Aquarius, my mom, Dave and one of my sisters is a Gemni. I tend to get along quite well with Gemnis. :D

Cool, isn't it?

I get along very well with Gemnis too, I read somewhere that aquarius and gemnis make very good companions because they both have a habit of talking a lot and just being jolly all the time!

I get along well with Capricorns too.

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I found out that I have Scorpio rising. Interesting.

Edit: I checked out another site, and filled in my birth information and this is what I got:

Libra rising

Sun in Gemini

Moon in Sagittarius

Mercury in Gemini

Venus in Taurus

Jupiter in Scorpio

Saturn in Libra

Uranus in Sagittarius

Neptune in Sagittarius

Pluto in Libra

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Pisces rising

Cancer moon

I have a total of 5 planets in water signs.

I'm a born communicator, highly empathic, imaginative, creative, musical, sensitive and emotional. I can also be over-sensitive, withdrawn, possessive, pessimistic, and prone to become carried away in the heat of a situation. :beer:

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I'm a Capricorn, though not well suited to it in all aspects. I've never done the research to figure out the "rising," "moon in..." or any of that.

You would need to know the exact time/date of your birth. For example, I was born at 3:38 in the afternoon on June 7th, 1982. If you know that information, I can look it up and tell you what all that would be for you. :)

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