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Backing tracks

Quentin Prideaux

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'Scuse me if this is an old / frequent question....I just ordered the new Alfred TAB books and was wondering if anyone knew of the best backing tracks? Alfred did a couple volumes of selected songs in 2010 and those would probably keep me going for a quite a while. And I can (try to) play along with the originals.....I'm really not into trawling endless websites and you tube vids to find nasty/wrong versions......




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yeah, it could work. I've once seen a Queen tribute with a laptop next to the guitarist' pedalboard. and a footswitch

and he would controlling al these soundfiles in the back of the music or during changeovers and such.

It'd be a bit constricting to me, I think. but it would work.

Why not get a session player in. Play the song with you guys (live in a studio) record his part and use that.

That way it would sound more in tune to your bandfeel and you'd have more control on what it sounds like. mix it properly etc etc

and you could even record a few versions (long jam in the middle version or shorter discoteque technohouse version :-)

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