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I Really Miss Ronnie James DIO...


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If anyone wants to judge Me for what I say or post regarding RJD, so be it. All I have to say is that if anyone is a fan of Rock and Roll and (even Heavy Metal), then, like it or not, Ronnie James DIO is the Best Heavy Metal Singer Ever.

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My -Tribute To Ronnie James Dio- Playlist

1973-06-10 ELF "Nevermore" Going Down Live at The Bank, Cortland, NY
1974 ELF "Rocking Chair Rock n Roll Blues" L.A. 59
1975 ELF "Prentice Wood" Trying To Burn The Sun
1975 Rainbow "Self Portrait" Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
1976 Rainbow "A Light In The Black" Rising
1977 Rainbow "Catch The Rainbow" On Stage
1978 Rainbow "L.A. Connection","The Shed","Rainbow Eyes" Long Live Rock n Roll
1978 Rainbow "Man On The Silver Mountain" Finyl Vinyl Live in Atlanta
1980 Black Sabbath "Neon Knights" Heaven And Hell
1980-10-17 Black Sabbath "Heaven And Hell" Live at Nassau Coliseum
1981 Black Sabbath "Turn Up The Night" The Mob Rules
1982 Black Sabbath "Children Of The Sea" Live Evil
1983 DIO "Stand Up And Shout" Holy Diver
1984 DIO "Evil Eyes" The Last In Line
1984-10-05 DIO "The Last In Line" Live in London
1985 DIO "Sacred Heart" Sacred Heart
1987 DIO "I Could Have Been A Dreamer" Dream Evil
1987-10-04 DIO "Stars" Live in Tokyo
1990 DIO "Wild One" Lock Up The Wolves
1992 Black Sabbath "TV Crimes" Dehumanizer
1992-09-08 Black Sabbath "Time Machine" Live in Boston

1994 DIO "Strange Highways" Strange Highways

1996 DIO "Golden Rules" Angry Machines

2000 DIO "Turn to Stone" Magica

2002 DIO "Better In the Dark" Killing The Dragon

2004 DIO "I Am" Master Of The Moon
2007 Heaven and Hell "Lonely Is The Word" Live at Radio City Music Hall
2009 Heaven and Hell "Breaking Into Heaven" The Devil You Know

All Hail Ronnie James Dio

A man who dedicated his life to his vision, his fans, and rock and roll.

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A public memorial for legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio will be held on the fifth anniversary of his death at his gravesite at Forest Lawn - Hollywood Hills cemetery in Los Angeles. His wife and manager Wendy Dio tells the "Maximum Threshold" radio show: "Next year, the 16th of May will be five years [since] Ronnie's passing, so we are inviting all the fans to come from all over the world. We're gonna do a big public memorial up at Forest lawn in the Hollywood Hills. And we'll have bands playing. It will be a celebration of Ronnie's life. And the night before, we're gonna do celebrity bowling. And we're gonna do a 'ride for Ronnie' with motorcycles on the Sunday, which is on the 17th, and ending up with a barbecue in the park."


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RJD was not only a great singer but he was without doubt one of the kindest, sweetest human beings I ever had the pleasure to meet. I was lucky enough to make his acquaintance in 1984 during the Last in Line tour in July. The concert was great, the stage show beyond compare, then to meeting him the next day completely by accident. Just gotta say this, we talked about Italian food and Chicago's Little Italy for a good 45 min. RJD may have been one of the best singers, but in the end he was first and foremost a son of Italy. The man knew his food.

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Thanks for resurrecting this topic (for however brief it may be). I am still listening Rush at the moment (from all eras) to gear myself up for the concert in Dallas on Monday.

However, the moment I saw this, I will admit that I instantly got a sad feeling about Ronnie and my eyes started to well up. I am the creator of this topic and still, "I Really Miss Ronnie James Dio"... after 5 years and for all the years for the rest of my life.

Ronnie James Dio was and will always be remembered as a true and passionate Human Being and one of, if not, the Greatest Singers of All-Time. I Love You Ronnie.

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There are so many great singers out there, our Robert being one of course, but I think what made Ronnie stand out apart from the brilliant albums that we all know well was his incredibly rich & varied history. If you're getting older now like me you will begin to appreciate the material he did in those early days the more you listen to it. How he was never a star earlier in his career is beyond me - what an amazing voice he had in the 60's!! I was sorry to hear that he was a little embarrassed by the early stuff - I think it shows what wonderful talent he had. I had the good fortune to meet him once in Sydney on the H&H tour. Geezer & Tony just gave us waiting fans a cursory wave as they left the stadium but Ronnie trudged the 70 metres across to the fence to see us where he chatted, shook hands & signed stuff for all there - a wonderful gesture much appreciated. Miss you Ronnie.

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I cannot believe that it is going on almost 6 fucking years that Mr. Ronnie James Dio left this earth. 

I can remember the day that I heard that Ronnie James finally succumbed to his illness.  I cried and cried my eyes out.  I am almost at that point again, six years later.  I will say that I was fortunate to see RJD only once in my life back in the 1990's that I can't even remember the actual date but I remember the experience.  It was in a small club across the river known as the Mississippi, in Illinois.  I swear to Dio that I got to shake his hand and he looked right at me and nodded.  I said to him, "You Rock". 

The very next song he sang was "We Rock". 



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16 hours ago, luvlz2 said:

At the Wacken Open Air Festival earlier this year The Dio Disciples played and had a DIO hologram during We Rock:





That was awesome.  Thanks for posting it.  I can't believe it has been over 6 years since Ronnie James Dio left this world.  I still really do miss him. 

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