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Led Zeppelin to be honored with Echo 2013 award in Berlin

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Thank you Cookie...both JPJ and JP look healthy and Happy here...Jimmy looking really beautiful here in black with familiar echos of Polka Dot Scarf, his smile so warm and shining...hope for more moments like these...well deserving of every honor, truly beautiful musicians in every way...

Getty images photos..


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Jimmy and John's voices were covered up by a deutsch interpreter. It was harder to make out what they said with the louder deutsch interpreter speaking at the same time they were since I don't speak deutsch. Basically it was just to the point, them saying a few words, looking very happy and basking in it. It was quick.

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Although my heart skipped a beat when Kashmir came on and although I was crying by the end of the Zeppelin sequence I can't help but feel that they were hopelessly out of place during the whole thing..I mean, all these clowns in the room don't even know these gods, let alone value them for their ongoing musical contributions. Led Zeppelin is too good for this kind of circus. BUT it was wonderful to see them together..

(I bet Robert was more than happy to skip this occasion "Soz guys, I'm at the other end of the world on the 21st. You gotta go alone")

Did anyone notice Jimmy's walk?? wow, he has serious problems..

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