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Hello, new to this forum


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Hi, So glad to have found this forum, love reading through the posts.

Been a fan since the start, Led Zep 1 being my favorite album, Stopped listening to them so much in the 80's unfortunately but since the release of Celebration Day, I am rediscovering my love for the band.

Listening and enjoying the tracks that never made an impression on me back in the 70/80's, eg The Ocean, For your love and ill again.

Never used to like Kashmir much, but now LOVE it sooo much, cant decide if I like the live Celebration Day one or the album one best.

Through reading on these forums, I have got some of the books mentioned and learnt so much about the early years.

Thanks for having me on board.

Angela x

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Welcome Angelah !!!!

I have been a devoted ZEPPELIN fan since I first heard Whole Lotta Love almost when it came out I wasn't even 10 but was wise beyond my years.

Check out the official ZEPPELIN DVD from years ago features Knebworth and other live gigs .

Also some of the myriad of bootlegs .

Get their live version of Stand By Me ...


You can hear it on U Tube ...




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Hello Everyone,

I've lurked here for about a year but I only signed up two days ago. I mistakenly posted in the wrong forum then. I'm 53 years old. Led Zeppelin's music was ubiquitous during my pre-teen and adolescent years but I didn't fully appreciate their music until much later. In other words, I'm old enough to have been around when they were a active band but I never saw them perform live. Sigh...

Anyway, I'm happy I stumbled across this site with so many passionate and knowledgeable Zep fans.

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